We’re Back Online!

It was Black Thursday—April 30th—when our website went berserk.  First the wheels fell off the Shopping Cart and then the Search Box forgot how to spell and then entire pages began to play hide-and-seek. We kept in touch with you by phone and email, taking lots of deep breaths as one fix after another led […]

Nautical Nursery

Please come in… Welcome to Amelia –Miss Button’s nursery! With pirates, whales, octopus, waves, and mermaids for inspiration, the result is this special room for our daughter Amelia. My hope is that it will inspire her imagination as much as it does mine. I have a special place in my heart for the sea and […]

How Big is Baby?

A popular website, The Bump, helps young parents imagine the growth of their unborn child in a wonderfully visual way.  Early this year, as my daughter Rachel’s pregnancy progressed, she would share with her JABC friends that today her baby was: the size of an apple seed at 5 weeks… and the size of a sweet pea at […]

How Do Our Buttons Grow?

How do our buttons grow? The JABC family is growing — a new logo, a new website, a new book, and a new buttoneer! While nothing can replace your neighborhood shops for purchasing supplies, we know you want to see EVERYTHING we make. Our new website makes it possible to tell you about our latest button adventures […]