Handmade Holiday Day #2 – Poke Corners

Make “Poke Corners” Want to learn how to give your square pincushions cute boxy corners? We call them “poke corners” because they’re created by poking the corners to the inside. Watch the video below to see how we do it.   Find the Jolly, Joy, Jingle pincushion kit on our website!

Handmade Holiday Day #1 – Tuft a Pincushion

Tufting a Pincushion Tufting adds so much character to large pincushion shapes! Watch our video tutorial to learn how to tuft your own pincushions!   Ready to try your own hand at tufting? You’ll find Gather Pumpkins Kit, Roving and Mattress Needles available on our website!


We were inspired to create a Halloween mini-set of [square.ology], that we’re calling [scare.ology]…aren’t we clever? We’re always looking for fun new finishing ideas for [square.ology] and we’ve definitely found a good one for Scare.ology! We teamed up with Retromantic Fripperies to make a special thread organizer and box that make these finished pieces to-die-for! The […]