Roll With It


Hello Button Lovers!

The month of August brought beautiful ocean buttons! And as a perfect companion, the Button Lover’s Club box included this clever design by Cathy at Hands On Design!

File Aug 22, 12 04 31 PM

The original “Roll with It” was designed for counted cross stitch BUT we are also making a stitchery pattern available for those who do not cross stitch.

File Aug 22, 12 05 28 PM

Where to get the stitchery version.

You can download the drawing for this design here.


Trace this pattern onto canvas, linen or cotton using a light box. Stitch the words using a stem stitch. We used Weeks Dye Works floss (Lagoon and Islamorada). The waves are drawn on the fabric to help you later, you do not need to stitch along those lines. The instructions for tracing and CUTTING the waves are in the cross stitch chart.

We hope you enjoy this project AND your new Ocean buttons!

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NeedlePrint & Play Finishing

NeedlePrint & Play

Let’s put the “Play” in NeedlePrint & Play!

One of my favorite parts of NeedlePrint & Play is the endless finishing options! When we unveiled the line to our wholesale customers we filled our booth with oodles of models! We used wood blocks, frames, banners, accordion chipboard, decorative clipboards, painter’s canvases. Because the edges of the paper don’t ravel– like linen does– you can trim the piece close to the edge and display it with “raw” edges! You can fit your piece onto whatever you can find!

Feel free to color outside the lines! We want you to be creative!

Want to know where to start?

Watch the video below and I’ll show you a few of the most basic NeedlePrint & Play finishes. I’ll also give you some tips for trimming your piece to fit onto a smaller object.


Watch this too!

Be sure to check out our first NeedlePrint & Play post/ video that shows you exactly what’s inside a kit and has more tips for stitching!


Show me more NeedlePrint & Play!

NeedlePrint & Play

NeedlePrint & Play

Come and Play!

I would love to introduce you to a brand new kind of cross stitch! NeedlePrint & Play is a whole new way to stitch. It brings together printed artwork and hand stitching.

How does it work?

Each NeedlePrint & Play kit contains a piece of perforated paper that has a design and centering marks printed on it. In addition, the kit contains a traditional cross stitch chart for embellishing the paper with stitching. Match the centering marks on the chart with the centering marks printed on the perforated paper.

When the design is stitched, add the buttons (included in the kit) and then attach the perforated paper to the included printed-card stock.

Watch how it’s done!

Show me more!

Keep watching the blog for more finishing ideas!!!

Candle Pan Finishing Tutorial

Jan-Feb-March Can Pan low res

Finish It!

It’s time! As we prepare to release the fourth calendar floral in the [Chalk.Squared] series, we want to share a candle pan finishing tutorial. Now you can get January, February and March finished and in candle pans just in time to start stitching April!

What you’ll need…

We’ve made the finish simple by packing finishing kits with all the bits and pieces of supplies you’ll need for your project. You’ll need one kit per stitched piece. You’ll also need some lovely enameled candle pans –they are not included in the finishing kit. You can get them from Hands On Design.

You have two options for candle pans, you can get one candle pan and switch the designs in and out (they’re on magnets) or you can get enough candle pans to put each design in its own pan. You’ll see how it works in the video.


Want to get started stitching [Chalk.Squared]? See all the available designs here!

Show me the Chalk!

I hope you enjoyed the video! Please feel free to email finishing questions to

You can follow along with the new designs on the [square.ology] facebook page!

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Handmade Holiday Day #8 – [square.ology] merry

[square.ology] merry.berry chart

It’s time to celebrate the final day of Just Another Button Company’s Handmade Holiday!

Hoop Up

Today we’re teaching you how to finish the new [square.ology] merry pieces: merry.berry & kiss.a.bit in embroidery hoops!

[square.ology] merry.berry chart

[square.ology] kiss.a.bit chart

These fabulous new charts were inspired by chalkboard drawings. They’re the perfect sizes to include with your holiday decor. Kiss.a.bit is finished in a 3″ embroidery hoop — that’s even small enough to hang on the tree.

Watch our video to see how you can finish your stitching just like the pictures on the charts.

Interested in buying a finishing kit with all the supplies for finishing just like we did? They’re available here on our website: kiss.a.bit & merry.berry.

Thank you so much for following along with our Handmade Holiday 2015 series! We hope you’ve enjoyed our video tutorials!

Handmade Holiday Day #7 – Perforated Paper Gift Tags

merry cane

Welcome to Handmade Holiday Day #7

Today we’re sharing how we made gift tags with these adorable Art to Heart cross stitch charts!




Watch the video below and then use the provided dimensions to finish your own gift tags!

Trimming Tips and Paper Dimensions

Ho Ho Ho Spoken Here

  • Trim perforated paper leaving just one row of paper to the right and on the lower edge of the stitching. Leave 2 rows of paper to the left and above the stitching.
  • Cut Lime solid cardstock 5 ½”W x 3 ¼”H
  • Cut Red solid cardstock 6 ½”w x 4”H
  • Cut Red Dot strip 3”W x 4”H and solid Aqua strip 1 ¼”W x 4”H

Peppermint Stripes

  • Trim perforated paper leaving just one row of paper outside stitching.
  • Cut Aqua dot cardstock 4 1/2W x 4 1/2”H
  • Cut Red dot cardstock 5 1/2W x 5 1/2”H
  • Cut solid Red strip 1 ½”W x5”H and solid Aqua 1”W x 2”H

Merry Cane

  • Trim perforated paper leaving three rows of paper outside stitching.
  • Cut Aqua Dot 5 1/8”W x 3 7/8”H
  • Cut solid Red 6 1/8”W x 4 7/8”H
  • Cut solid Lime strip 1 ½”W x 4 ¼”


Have fun and be sure to watch for Day #8!

Handmade Holiday Day #5 – Make a Kissing Ball Ornament

Kissing Ball Ornament

Looking for a project for your Christmas party?

This is one of my favorite Christmas projects! We made these last year for our office Christmas party, here at JABC headquarters!

Follow along as we assemble a Mistletoe Kissing Ball Ornament, starting with one of our kits.

You’ll be so impressed with how simple it is to make something so special. Add one to your Christmas tree this year!

MIQ003W noel
MIQ003R noel

Happy Holidays!